Deceased Contact


Have you lost a close friend?

One thing is certain in life - we will all die eventually!

At some point in our lives we all "lose" a close friend or a family member, which we liked.

"The loss" and grief of having "lost" a friend you loved, can be filled with so much loss and heartrending pain, where you can tend to stay stuck in the grief that you forget / don´t manage to live your own life.

It may therefore be a redemptive consolation and a great clarification for you to find that your dear friend is not "disappeared" forever - but that his soul lives on.

How can Deceased Contact help you?

The purpose of a deceased Contact is that you are helped on in your life - you said "properly" goodbye and let go of the grief.

You are reminded of how important it is that you take care of yourself - and make sure to live your life while you have it.

Your late friend wants to guarantee only the best for you.

A deceased Contact can help you move forward in your life.

How is a Deceased Contact?

Deceased Contact is quite natural for psychics, and there is nothing mysterious, dangerous or occult (hidden / secret) associated with it.

All human beings have a soul, and it is this who the clairvoyant "contacts" under a deceased Contact.

Deceased Contact is an ordinary conversation between you and the clairvoyant. We "feel in" to the deceased and conveys the information that the deceased is willing to bring us.

Because we do not know your deceased friend, it's your job to recognize him. It's you who remember him / her.

We describe how your late friend "looks" the traits he / she had in his appearance and in his personality. That way, you can recognize your late friend and feel confident that it is your friend, athat we have contact with.

However, be aware that your deceased friend might choose to "make itself visible" in a younger version than when he died.

Once you have "recognized" your late friend, you can begin to ask questions.

Reactions and clarification via Deceased Contact

You can answer "yes", "no" or "maybe" to the information transmitted from your deceased friend.

Be aware, however, that we can only contact your deceased friend if he / she will be contacted. Are your late friend not interested in "talking" to you, you can not force him / her to it.

In such cases, it may be that your friend is "ashamed" about something, it can be a "picture of" how your relationship was, or that he / she may not be ready to "talk" to you yet . There can be many reasons for that the deceased will not be contacted.

NOTE - In most cases, your late friend cannot be contacted before 2-3 months after the death, as your friend often needs a "rest period" before he / she is ready to be contacted.

To have contact with your deceased friend, can be a very strong, sensitive and redemptive experience for you and can give you just the clarification you needed to get on with your own life.

The late switch can make you cry redemptive tears, but also make you laugh out loud when departed souls actually have lots of affectionate humor.

After Deceased Contact you can feel relieved, but also very tired and vulnerable.

Is grief after the Deceased Contact still affecting you, and you have a hard time to get on with your life, we recommend a conversation with our healer or a psychologist.



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