What makes you happy?

- Do you know what you want, or do you let others decide for you?

- Do you use all your energy on helping others at the expense of yourself?

- Burner you hold a lot of frustrations or are you proactive?

- Are you rarely or never happy?

We help you with greater insight and understanding in everything you are doing.

Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

Do you have cancer or multiple sclerosis, we always recommend coaching as the most important part of your treatment, alongside other therapies.

Our experience is that everyone with cancer and multiple sclerosis have a very similar thought pattern, and that's why they've got the "disease" they have.

Everyone should learn something from the "disease" has been, and as soon as you have learned what you need to learn, there is no longer the basis for the "disease", and it disappears completely, even very quickly and regardless of the severity of illness level is.

Parent - Why?

- Do you lose your temper easily to your child?

- Can´t you understand your child?

- Is there always kick, scream and yell, or is there complete silence?

- Is it a struggle to get your child to do homework?

- Is your child very fussy, or eat it too little?

The situations drains you, as a parent, and your patience is put to the test. Eventually you may lose your temper, and there is being said and / or done things that afterwards gives you a bad conscience.

We help you understand your child - and the child understand you!

As you learn to understand each other, "disappear" conflicts and everyday running effortlessly with energy and joy of all.

Understanding your child fully, gives you a clear conscience - and not least renewed profits for you as a parent can take care of yourself.

Relationships - Where are you heading?

Bored in the relationship? Do you feel that you do not move forward? Are you providing joy to each other in your everyday life, or are you "draining" one another? Do you withdraw from your relationship, and work extra hours at work on purpose?

We help you to understand what is happening in your relationship.

Some couples stay together, but "drain" each other because neither of you can take the decision which in fact is beneficial for both of you - even if it's hard right now!

Other times, are there other underlying issues, but it's just the relationship that gets the blame.

We help you to see the problem as it really is, so you can take the decision to be taken - whether you should stay together or not.

Athletes - How good would you like to be?

- Want to become mentally stronger?

- Want to improve your endurance?

- Do you want to develop your sport in a new way?

- Do you target your training even more?

We have developed a new and simple form of mental training that really improves your physical performance and strengthens your mental development.

We guide you so that you can target your training to exactly what you want with your sport.

The company - Owner / Director

Besides being a resourceful businessman who is to start an effective-ness, you must also be good to lead your employees, so they thrive at work.

We guide you in how to understand and communicate with your employees, and how to address the conflicts that naturally arise.

We give you simple tools that can develop you to become a better businessman while being a well-liked owner / director among your employees.

The better the employees thrive, the better the products the company sells!

The company - Headmanager

- Do you feel pressure in your work?

- Are the many tasks become unaffordable?

- Do not say no, and you let you take advantage of because you are too lenient?

We guide you in how to make aware of your situation, but also in how you can choose to "see" the situation in a new and effortless way.

The company - Employee

Learn to understand the basic principles of how your colleagues think and why they act as they do.

Learn to understand the problems and conflicts in a new way so that they no longer drains and stresses you.

Learn how you can help build a workplace where everyone thrives. It provides energy during the day, and everyone is happy again.


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